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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Online Banks and Great Rates

It's amazing the things you find that are right under your nose the entire time.

Case in point, Zions Bank, which is the local and popular bank where I live, but which I once said I would never get an account. I believe I said it in response to their interest rates. Well, now I'm forced to change my mind.

Their Internet Money Market Account is now paying 4.71% on balances $1000 and greater.

Check out the comparison table for other Zions accounts.

I currently cannot get together the funds for a Presidential Premier Savings Account, (requires an initial deposit of at least $5000 to open the account) with it's great interest rate of 4.87%, however I figure I won't really be losing too much in interest with my small amount of funds with the slightly lower interest rate. So I guess I'm opening up a Zions Internet Money Market Account.

However, for those of you who would like to look into better interest rates/different banks, they have some good discussions going on at Check it out, it's where I found about my local Zions and it's good interest rate.


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