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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Good and Bad Stock Picks

So I finally bit, and I went ahead and bought some Electronic Arts (ERTS) stock while it was in it's free fall. Unfortunately, it's still in it's free fall, and my purchase at around $47.95 no longer seems like such a good idea. Stock price is currently sitting at $43.24, and I'm closing in fast on the 10% loss, which I think is going to be my sell point on this one. Luckily, didn't really buy too many shares (5 I think), but I do wish I would've used those funds on my other good pick.

My good pick for the week has been Nintendo (NTDOY), which I purchased right before E3. I'm pretty sure I can hang onto this one for a little while, as I figure that the Wii is going to be a much more interesting product than people give it credit for. Also, Nintendo is still doing alright financially and they control a lot of other patents. They also aren't just putting all their chips on the Wii (the DS is doing well also). I was able to buy NTDOY for $20 a share (I really should've gotten it for around $18.90 about 4 days earlier, but I had all the aforementioned problems with TDA and whatnot and could only finally make my purchase on Monday of this week). Still, most of my funds went into Nintendo, and it's paying off already with the stock currently at $21.25 and earlier today at $21.90.


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