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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Free Money from Sharebuilder and TD Ameritrade

I've been running around (hypothetically, on the internet) the last couple days trying to decide on some very interesting deals to get some free money to invest with. Here's the couple that I've found that expire VERY soon (try tomorrow!):

The first is a $50 bonus for signing up and making an investment through Sharebuilder. I found out about this through a variety of places including MyMoneyBlog here and here and through Blueprint for Financial Prosperity here and here.

However, my plan would go a little bit farther, based on some stuff I've read at This idea, as you can see if you follow the link to the article, is basically just that you should try not to allow your transaction fees exceed 2% of the total transaction. This means that if I want to invest in a Sharebuilder account, which will offer a $4 transaction fee, I must invest at least $200 to keep my transaction costs down to 2%. The ideas from MyMoneyBlog and Blueprint For Financial Prosperity all simply want to use the Sharebuilder free $50 offer to simply invest that $50 and leave it forever. It would probably work out much better if you could donate at least $150 to that, at least that's what I'm planning on seeing in the future.

By the way, if you'd like to do this as well, the promotion code is: FREEGUIDE50, but it only works until April 30, 2006. However, according to Blueprint for Financial Prosperity the code SBGIFT30 will work until December 31, 2006 but will only get you a $30 bonus.

Like I said though, there were two offers that were interesting me. The other was a TD Ameritrade offer for a $500 opening bonus. I also first saw this at MyMoneyBlog. Unfortunately, for this $500 bonus, you would need to commit $10,000 to a TD Ameritrade account and trade it for around 9 months. Me being the poor guy that I am, I don't have $10,000 just lying around. However, there were also two other offers for $100 and $75 bonuses. The $100 bonus comes after you commit $5,000 for around the same amount of time (still too much for me) and the $75 comes after committing $2,000 (Now, that's more in my price range!). If any of these interest you, be sure to act fast as these offers also expire April 30, 2006!

After considering all there was to consider, I eventually decided that I don't think I can be without $2,000 at this time. So I think I'm going to try out the Sharebuilder account. Good luck if any of ya'll decide to try any of these out!


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